born and raised in cambridge, it's where i call home. though i spend less and less time there. I find myself continuously on the road traveling to new cites and seeing new bars, amphitheatres, halls, venus, even basements. wherever someone has the idea to have a show.

music is my passion and what i love to photograph, my skills are not limited to that though, i've apprenticed with wedding photographers, i've shot for skateboarding magazines, and i've travelled from festival to festival documenting sometimes weeks of the lifestyle of musicians.

with every day, i try to photograph something new and let others see things the way i do; not the way i can make it look with a computer. my photos are often raw and straight from the camera. For a long time, my theory has been that if i need to edit it on a computer, i'm not doing it right.

with that being said, stay where you are and see what i saw.

dave levitt.